Iphone prices increase

The chip and supply crises that emerged with the pandemic period deeply affected many sectors, especially smartphone manufacturers. The sticker price of the Apple iPhone 14 series differs in some countries due to the supply problem.

iPhone 14 series is on the agenda with price increase in some countries
Some analysts predict that Apple will raise the iPhone 14 series due to ongoing supply chain challenges and rising inflation. However, it’s worth noting that customers in the US and China are buying the iPhone 14 series at the same price tag as its predecessor.

The latest models for consumers in markets such as the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia also came with significant price increases. For example, the iPhone 14 model starts at $799 in the US; this is the same price the company set for the iPhone 13 when it was released last year. However, the price of the iPhone 14 in the UK was set at about $ 975. It retails for around $80 more than the iPhone 13 model.

It is stated that another reason for Apple to increase price tags in the smartphone market is the fluctuation in foreign currency. It is worth noting that the price difference is more in the Pro models. The iPhone 14 Pro Max retails for around $170 more in the UK than its predecessor.

“In fact, almost all currencies in the world have weakened against the dollar,” Apple CFO Luca Maestri said in the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call with analysts last week. The strengthening of the dollar makes things difficult in many areas. Frankly, our pricing in emerging markets makes this difficult, and the reconversion of that revenue into dollars is impacted.” made statements.

Apple announced that its revenue grew 8 percent in the quarter to $90.15 billion. Apple CEO Tim Cook explained to CNBC last week that the company could have reached double-digit growth if it weren’t for currency fluctuations.

Maestri said that Apple also examines the currency environment when it launches new products, which has led to the most recent price increases. While recent currency fluctuations against the US dollar have caused some international buyers to pay more for an iPhone, there have been cases where Apple has covered these costs instead.

It is not yet known whether Apple will raise the iPhone 14 series due to supply problems and currency fluctuations. The company left unanswered questions from members of the press on the subject.